UK Map Wallpaper

Our UK maps are in a 'road atlas' style of mapping allowing coverage of large areas of the country. Detail includes the road and rail network, towns, physical features and contours with our unique hillshading added to give a fantastic feeling of depth to the map.

You can postcode centre your map with our Custom GB Regional Mapping we also have the UK as a whole or as pre-defined areas. Choosing from our set sizes, or for made-to measure wallpaper contact us or ring 01344 427647.

  • ANY SIZE. Get a Quote or ring 01344 427647 for custom-sizes, or choose a set size.
  • Paste-free/self-adhesive. Made to your wall specifications.
  • Prices include digital proofs, re-design and taxes.
  • See our 'Wallpaper Information' for more details.