Vintage Victorian map wallpaper shows your location in detail May 08 2016

A vintage map can help you to discover the story of your property and its place in history. Decorate a feature wall with this historical map wallpaper and your location’s past will be a talking point for your guests and visitors.

For anyone interested in local history, studying a map can help to bring the past to life and show how your area has changed over the centuries. It may help you to feel more connected and involved with your home's past. You could discover how the footprint of your property has changed since it was built, or perhaps there was a previous building on the site. You may get a sense of how streets in your area were originally planned or find evidence of local facilities such as a public house, railway station or allotments that no longer exist. There are all sorts of fascinating insights about your neighbourhood to be discovered on a vintage map.  

We love these detailed Victorian Ordnance Survey maps at 1:2,500 scale that show streets, buildings, landmarks and property boundaries as they were in the mid 1800s. New to our vintage map wallpaper collection, these detailed Victorian maps make a fascinating centrepiece to a room in your home or office. High quality printing means that details of the maps are brought to life.  

Simply provide us with the postcode in England, Scotland or Wales on which to centre your map.  Our wallpaper is available in standard sizes, or request a quote for wallpaper made-to-measure for your space.  For enquiries, please contact us.