Map Canvas - London Ordnance Survey Landranger Map with Hillshading


  • This Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Landranger® style map with added hillshading is centred on London and the River Thames.
    Printed on to a 72 x 36 inch canvas this map of London will create a fantastic focal point for any wall.

    This style of mapping is also available as a postcode centred map to cover your area of choice.

    • Premium quality 330gsm poly-cotton material
    • UV stable, fade resistent ink, with a satin finish
    • Hand stretched over a 3.8cm wooden frame
    • Supplied ready to hang

    More Information:

    • The wooden frame includes corner spacers that are designed to be gently tapped to re-tighten the canvas should it become loosened in transit.
    • Canvas prints do not have the same print fidelity as paper prints due to the natural coarser weave of canvas material. Fine detail or small type on some canvas map prints can lack the clarity that would normally be expected on a paper print when viewed at close quarters.

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