Give your room a vintage map makeover with our custom wallpaper July 22 2014

Vintage maps look great and tell us so much about the story of our best-loved landscapes. Here at Love Maps On, we love vintage maps and we're delighted to bring you early Ordnance Survey maps as wallpaper centred on your chosen postcode.  Give a room a vintage map makeover that's personal to you and showcases a location that you love.

The Ordnance Survey, Britain's national mapping agency, published its first paper map in 1801 and went on to produce map series that have become iconic among map lovers.  Our collection features the Ordnance Survey's earliest mapping projects during the pre-Victorian and Victorian eras, a period when our towns and cities were fast-developing. As well as telling us about British history and culture, these vintage maps make wonderful decoration for a room.  Their subtle shading, delicate colouring and birds-eye depiction of landmarks are simply beautiful. If, like us, you love to unfold a classic paper map then you'll find the styling of these maps irresistible.

Old Series map wallpaper Revised New Series map wallpaper

The Old Series, published between 1805 and 1874, was the first comprehensive mapping of the country, printed at a scale of one-inch-to-one-mile.  This was followed by the Revised New Series, published from 1879, the first colour maps of Britain and also printed at one-inch-to-one-mile.  The images above are of the Old Series and Revised New Series maps centred on the same postcode, showing the growth Reading over half a century. 

For a more detailed map view, we also offer the County Series which was published by the Ordnance Survey from 1840 at a scale of six-inches-to-one-mile.  At this scale, you have a Victorian street map with a greater level of detail of streets, property outlines, landmark names, parish boundaries etc.  This lends itself to creating wallpaper of cities and towns that were fast-growing in Victorian times such as Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Nottingham.

County Series map wallpaper County Series map wallpaper detail

Make one of these fascinating vintage maps a feature of a wall in your home or workplace, centred on a favourite town or countryside location that's personal to you. Simply choose the vintage Ordnance Survey map that you prefer, provide us with the postcode in England, Scotland or Wales on which to centre your map and select one of our standard wallpaper sizes.  We'll send you a proof showing the image that will be printed on your wallpaper.  We can also produce made-to-measure wallpaper, please contact us for a quote.

Our self Adhesive wallpapers can be stuck to any non-porous surface, such as walls, doors and windows, and have a highly durable non-wrinkle finish.

or choose our standard, paste the wall wallpaper.